dis rupt mod ern

A warm welcome to all our modern earrings fans as well as those new clients visiting disruptmodern.com for the first time.  To those who are looking for our modern earrings offerings, they’re still here, but in updated form.  As you shop, you’ll notice we’ve replaced all matte-finished stainless steel earrings with exquisite, electropolished stainless designs boasting the look and feel of polished silver, but without the possibility of ever tarnishing.  Another big change in our offering is the addition of eight stunning statement necklaces that redefine the category.  

Disrupt Modern celebrates not only the act of disrupting earrings but shaking up every other category we go into. The name is a promise to you and a mission statement to us.



And for cat lovers - Cat Modern

A refuge for the intellectually curious cat lover seeking equally witty

feline objects of exquisite quality.

Earrings, pendants and necklaces in electropolished stainless steel or 23k gold plate.

Check out www.catmodern.com