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About Us

How do you disrupt modern jewelry?  

First, recognize why it needs disrupting!  Too much meekness, too much sameness, too much predictability.  What happened to great design - especially with earrings and necklaces?

That's easy.  Skyrocketing gold and silver prices is what happened.  A century ago, gold was $20 an ounce.  Today, it's near $2000.  At those prices, small, safe minimalism is about a designer's only option.

Unless the designer "disrupts modern".  Instead of molding gold and silver, I etch out of a single, solid hypo-allergenic stainless steel piece of metal, then turn that into fanciful modernist constructions based on a lifetime in design, graphics and composition.  Finally, I set some of the finished designs aside and plate them in pure, 23k gold.

The finished steel designs shine like silver but will never tarnish like silver.

The finished gold-plated designs look like solid gold.

The finished pricing looks like a mistake in your favor. 

Since you're only paying for unadulterated design without the added costs of precious metals or gemstones, (think of it as jewelry design without a safety net) my jewelry is remarkably affordable.  Essentially, it's fine jewelry design for a costume jewelry price tag.

Disrupt Modern?  Someone had to.